• Black and White Winter
    The chill is in the air.
  • A Photo a Week Challenge: Funny Signs
    Great place to unwind, just don’t try to unwind in the hammock. Zoomed in… Submitted to Nancy Merrill Photography A photo of the week challenge of Funny Signs. @energizer31415
  • Mont Saint-Michel
    It’s hard to put the beauty of this place into words. Whitewashed, wispy clouds. Inside a blue sky ballroom. Dance for the city.
  • Dock of the bay
    The moon is docked alongside clouds in this sky bay.
  • Brooklyn Bridge 2021
    You thoughts are welcome. Feelings, stories, or photos. Please share. 🙂
  • DC annual boat light show.
    I have been on a publishing hiatus, but am dipping my toes back in the water. Hope you enjoy the photos of this wonderful family outing had.
  • Reflections of the Day
    The still water almost made for a perfect mirror.
  • Brussels, Belgium
    This sleepy town sure does have charm. Here are just a few street shots. Just wish I had sunny blue skies to catch all the colors.
  • Reflections
    We stumbled along this beautiful pond off of a dirt road. All thanks to google maps giving us wrong directions…. We were looking for a spielplatz (playground) for our littles. What a lucky find though. We did find the spielplatz too. 🙂
  • Burano, Italy – Beautiful
    A must see visit if you find yourself in Venice.