• Reflections of the Day
    The still water almost made for a perfect mirror.
  • Brussels, Belgium
    This sleepy town sure does have charm. Here are just a few street shots. Just wish I had sunny blue skies to catch all the colors.
  • Reflections
    We stumbled along this beautiful pond off of a dirt road. All thanks to google maps giving us wrong directions…. We were looking for a spielplatz (playground) for our littles. What a lucky find though. We did find the spielplatz too. 🙂
  • Burano, Italy – Beautiful
    A must see visit if you find yourself in Venice.
  • Canal Shots
    This is just a few shots from some of the 150 canals sprinkled throughout Venice. What an enchanting city to explore on and off the water.
  • Venice at Night
    The view from our stay is beautiful.
  • Road Trippin
    When starting a road trip, our destination is the object in the mirror. 🙂
  • Nymphenburg Palace in MĂĽnchen
    Schlossanlage Nymphenburg
  • Breathe
    A wonderful stop on our trip was the 8th Swiss Triennial Festival of Sculpture, called Bad RagARTz, located in the St. Gallen Rhine Valley. This was fun for all and comes highly recommended if you find yourself in the area at the time of the show.
  • Waterfall
    Seerenbach Falls This was a wonderful view from the ferry. Rainy day, but worth the trip!